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8 Sep 2020

Bookkeeping Services That Can Change Your Profits

At Better Accounting, we believe that you can’t know where your business is going unless you know where your business has been. Hiring an expert bookkeeper is the first step to creating a sound plan for the future of your business. With timely and accurate financial data and solid bookkeeping expertise, our bookkeeping staff can help your business onto the path of increased profits and growth.  

Data That Matters

An expert bookkeeper will interpret complex financial data to show you how your business is doing. For example, are your sales higher than they were last year? Are you hitting your sales goals? How do these numbers compare to the industry standard? Each of these questions can be answered with some data from your bookkeeper. This financial data can measure your progress toward your business’ goals and to set new goals for the future.  

Information to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Your bookkeeper will not only help you interpret your financial data. They will also create easy to use reports that you can use to measure your company’s progress. These include common reports like profit & loss statements, but also extend to not so common reports that can really help you understand the dynamics of your company’s finances. Things like cashflow statements, which show how changes in your balance sheet accounts and income affect your access to cash. Cashflow statements project your company’s ability to pay bills and make payroll in the short term. They can be forecast out to show how your cashflow will be affected by certain business changes down the road. Your bookkeeper’s reporting can also help you understand the trend in your business’ finances. They may create profitability reports for you that show how well your company is making money. Your profitability will usually be compared both to a previous period in your company’s financial history and to the industry standard or a competitor. That way, you can keep doing what your company is doing well, and adjust for the things your company is not doing well before it becomes a larger issue.  

Big Business Help, Small Business Prices

The cost of good bookkeeping has a big impact on small businesses. This is especially true when your company maintains a full time or part time bookkeeper on staff. In fact, Most small businesses can only afford one part-time bookkeeper once the cost of hiring, training, salary and benefits is factored in. Additionally, many small businesses do not even have an appropriately sized workload to justify maintaining a bookkeeper on staff at all. Better Accounting offers a solution to this dilemma. Our outsourced bookkeeping consultants have years of experience in a variety of industries, in companies of varied size. With our business model, you pay only for the hours you need a bookkeeper. We take care of the rest. This way, you get all the help you need from an experienced bookkeeper at prices you can afford.

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