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26 Sep 2023

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Income: What’s Subject to Self-Employment Tax and What’s Not IMG

Cryptocurrency, often hailed as the future of finance, has not only disrupted traditional financial systems but also introduced a new frontier of income generation. With the rise of digital currencies…

26 Sep 2023

Navigating Tax Deductions: Understanding 100% and 50% Meal Expenses

When it comes to business expenses, understanding what is and isn’t deductible can be a complex matter. One particularly major area of concern for many business owners and self-employed individuals…

18 Sep 2023

Navigating SALT Cap Limitations: Workarounds for Pass-Through Entities

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 introduced significant changes to the U.S. tax landscape, including the imposition of the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction cap. Under…

14 Sep 2023

Optimizing Your Payroll: Striking the Right Balance for S Corporations

Managing payroll in S Corporations involves a delicate balancing act. Business owners making the S Corporation election must pay themselves a reasonable wage, commonly referred to as a “fair wage.”…

14 Sep 2023

Demystifying Cryptocurrency Taxation: Unveiling the secrets of Staking, Mining, and Taxable Transactions

Cryptocurrency has transformed the financial landscape, offering innovative ways to invest, transact, and even earn rewards through activities like staking and mining. However, the tax implications of these activities can…

4 Sep 2023

Decoding Rental Property Basis: Understanding Components and Capitalization of Improvements

Investing in rental properties offers a pathway to financial growth and passive income. Yet, success in this realm requires a comprehensive grasp of foundational concepts like basis, which forms the…

28 Aug 2023

Understanding ERTC Credits: The Importance of Timely Claiming and Fund Amendments

As businesses navigate the complexities of financial management, one key aspect that demands attention is the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). The ERTC has emerged as a significant component of…