Get Credit for Doing What You Love

Tax Credits & Incentives

Every year, the government introduces new tax credits and incentives to minimize businesses’ tax bills for doing things like using energy-efficient materials, starting a new business, opening a new market and more. At Better Accounting, we’ll help you get credit for running your business the way you want it to run.

The Value of Our Services

You’re passionate about your business and making it the best it can be. Whether it’s new energy-efficient lightbulbs and materials, a pension program for your employees or a childcare fund for your employees who stay late to make sure everything is perfect. Our tax professionals at Better Accounting are here to make sure that you get credit for doing what you love.

With every new year, the government offers tax credits and incentives for everything from workforce programs, location, investments, research and development and more. These credits and incentives give you a cash boost, just for doing what you’re already doing to make your business great.

Our tax professionals will help you identify which credits and incentives you qualify for, decide which credits and incentives create the most value for your business, file the appropriate paperwork and maintain and monitor your qualifications.

Tax Credit for Running Your Business


A tax consultant from Better Accounting has the pulse on credit and incentive qualifications and yearly changes.


Our tax consultants keep track of new credits and incentives the government introduces every year.

Tax Credit Planning

We’ll help you plan for your tax credits before it’s time to file your taxes, so you know what to expect.

Business Credits

Certain businesses can claim tax credits, just for business as usual. Ask our tax consultants if you qualify.


Do you use energy efficient lightbulbs? Complete research and development? You may qualify for a tax incentive.

Tax Credits and Incentives

The Value of

A Lower Tax Bill

Tax bills can get expensive, especially if your filings don’t take advantage of tax credits and incentives to minimize your bill. At Better Accounting, we know which credits you can qualify for, so tax season is a little less stressful.

Take Control of Your Company’s Finances

At Better Accounting, we know you can’t plan where your business is going unless you know where it’s been. Our consultants will take care of every aspect of your finances, past, present and future. With our financial expertise and your business smarts, we will achieve financial visibility in no time.